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Yoga for Kids: A lifesaver resource

Kids can get stressed out just like adults do. In Arial the Yogi, Arial gets inventive and thinks up an ingenious plan to help herself and others combat stress in her second entrepreneurial venture. While showing how Yoga makes her feel, Arial guides us through the Kind and Compassionate Children's Yoga Series. It's a beautiful and brave sequence of 16 poses to help foster kindness and compassion for ourselves and others.

This morning Miss Carrie and I needed a break from her lessons. She and I were both being stubborn (what else is new !?). I knew I had to be the adult and break some of the tension so I pulled out Arial the Yogi. Arial the Yogi is book number four UnicornPreneur series (more on that later). So far it is probably my favorite of the series. Besides the fact that the adorable Arial the Unicorn draws my reluctant reader into the book, I love the message and educational aspect of this book. Yoga is such a great way to get kids and adults moving while helping them de-stress. I really appreciate the fact that the book included the "Kindness Children's Yoga Series" to help guide parents and children through some basic yoga poses. We have attempted to use yoga with my daughter and were a bit overwhelmed. Incorporating these poses into such an adorable Arial the Unicorn story helped encourage my daughter to want to participate.

Arial the Yogi is certainly another great Arial book. If you have not read any of the Arial the Unicorn books, I highly recommend Arial the Yogi and the rest of the Arial the Unicorn series by Mary Nhin One of the best things about this series is that you can access UnicornPreneur.com to find Arial the Yogi printables and crafts. The printables page has a printable version of the Kindness Children's Yoga Series, coloring pages, and a lesson plan with discussion questions! ( http://www.marynhin.com/yogi-printables.html )

Arial the Yogi Crafts

Arial the Yogi Crafts

The Craft page includes instructions to make these adorable Yogi Dolls. These dolls are great for helping demonstrate the different yoga poses as well as working as almost a stress doll for my anxious little one.

There are also instructions on how to make gratitude stones and Yoga themed bracelets and necklaces. The gratitude stones are an excellent craft to incorporate some outdoor/nature time into your day. They are also a great craft to help prepare us as we going into the Thanksgiving season soon.

Arial the Yogi Crafts

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