• Joy Hardin

What am I doing?!?

Miss Carrie aka Princess Carrie was semi cooperative for her "First Day" Pictures

I'm the Joy in the "Finding Joy in the Journey" blog title. I'm a 30ish year old mom. I've been a stay at home mom and I've been a working mom. I've taught 6th and 7th grade, been a substitute teacher, and taught adult education. I firmly believe that the stay at home mom gig is the tougher job.

We recently relocated due to my husband changing jobs. The move along with my daughter's recent diagnosis of being Autistic (ASD 2 to be specific) helped me decide that I was going to stay home with her at least this year. Our journey was already an interesting one. Deciding to home-school my autistic, 5 year old daughter made it an even more exciting one. I will be using this blog along with my facebook page to document our adventures. I'll be sharing activities, book reviews, and other random tidbits from our life. I hope I can give you a laugh or maybe help you find a new book. Feel free to ask questions!

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