• Joy Hardin

Two Great Books

The Bathtub is a adorably illustrated book that helps convey an important message. Pig, Cow, Duck, Sheep and Hen lived on a farm together. In order to bathe they had to go to a lake, but this was a problem because it was far away and too deep for some of the animals. Plus there was a fox who would harass them! They came up with an idea! The animals worked together to collect supplies and built themselves a bathtub. The animals put together a schedule to organize their turns in the bathtub, but it went awry whey they started quibbling over when their turns were scheduled. All the animals jumped in and attracted the fox's attention... You'll have to read it to find out what happened, but the moral of the story is that if you work together things usually turn out better than if you are bickering or fighting. Simple but great read! My daughter and I loved reading it and look forward to others from this author.

The Hat House features three hedgehogs, Toto, Tiki, and Tutu. Unfortunately these adorable creatures do not have a place to live. They search all day before falling asleep under a giant mushroom, but then they find a place to live - a big black hat! They run into trouble when their hat house flies away on a gush of wind. To make matters worse, they end up having to fight some rabbits to get it back. Do the hedgehogs get their home back? You have to read it to find out! This is the second book by the author that my daughter and I have read. We have loved both. The animal characters are fun and beautifully illustrated. Definitely recommended for young readers and parents alike.

Both are available on Kindle Unlimited for free! If you aren't a KU member try it free for a month! Check them out and others by the same wonderful author. They are also available on KU for free.

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