• Joy Hardin

The Adventures of Ash & Raimi 

With his book, The Adventures of Ash and Raimi: Tomb of the Golden Mouse, Thomas Savage has created wonderful characters and a story that is fun to read. The characters Ash and Raimi are cats who are brothers. Raimi is the younger brother and Ash is the big brother. Raimi pesters Ash into going on an adventure into a magical place to find a treasure. The readers are then transported with the brothers into a magical place where they find the Golden Mouse and encounter a terrifying monster. It turns out that the "monster" and the "treasure" are ordinary items, but it shows that with a little imagination every day things can be extraordinary! I love the illustrations and the Indiana Jones like them. The book definitely captured mine and my daughter's attention. We look forward to more Ash and Raimi adventures.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited Member you can download the book for free. You can get a free one month trial if you aren't. Otherwise you can download this great book for less than $3.

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