• Joy Hardin

Teaching Children to Find the Beauty in Everything - Don't Judge a Bug by Its Cover

Don't Judge a Bug by Its Cover by Laura St. John is a book with a wonderful message. It is a book that is very useful in demonstrating how beneficial it can be to not judge things by their appearance. The story helps show how important it is to find the beauty in everything.

The main characters Ladybug Lace and Mr. Roach are very different on the outside. Ladybug Lace is beautiful and even though she is lonely has many friends. Mr. Roach is not as well liked but he is very smart and creative. He even likes poetry! Through the course of the story both Ladybug Lace and Mr. Roach help each other get out of dangerous situations. Through the course of events, they end of becoming friends and I think that is a great opener to talk to children about being friends with people even if they are different. It also allows for the conversation of how helping people and teamwork are the right thing to do.

The illustrations by Melissa B. Snyder are a terrific addition to the book. Snyder's artwork truly helps the story come alive. The beautiful depictions of Ladybug Lace, Mr. Roach, their environment, and their fellow bugs significantly helped my young child follow the story and stay focused on the plot.

I would recommend this book for many different situations. Besides the obvious use of teaching important social and moral lessons, It would be a fun book to introduce a unit on insects.

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