• Joy Hardin

Sofie at Dance

Sofie at Dance is a wonderful story about a girl who is not sure of herself at first. She wants to take Ballet classes but is hesitant. She pushes through her nervousness and ends up reconnecting with a school friend. The girls become best buddies and help each other become successful.

This book is a great book for girls who are nervous about starting something new. It also teaches the great lesson about helping others and the need to practice. In the book another girl gets prima ballerina and Sofie's reaction helps show that you can be happy for aomeone else and still be disappointed. This also demonstrated the importance of staying motivated even when things don't turn out exactly as you expect.

This book is great for all girls not just those who are wanting to take ballet/dance lessons. Sofie is an excellent role model.

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The author of Sofie at Dance, Suzan Johnson, also has a few other wonderful books as well. Some feature Sofie and other features other great characters such as a boy character, Aiden. Aiden stars in a soccer and basketball book. Check out Suzan's other books here.

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