• Joy Hardin

Oh No Silly Goose - A book with the message you can be whatever you want to be.

Oh No Silly Goose by Amanda Sainz was a huge hit in our house! The first thing that caught our attention were the beautiful and colorful illustrations. Jacquelyne Issacs's artwork attracted the attention of my child. This is somewhat important because she is a child who is not always willing to sit still and listen to a book, but she kept pointing to the pictures and talking about the various pictures. The illustrations and the style of the artwork made the story come to life.

The message of the book was also went over well with my child and with my husband and myself. Oh No Silly Goose tells of a young goose who has lofty dreams that do not seem reasonable for a goose. The goose's father puts down the goose's dreams, but the goose pursues the dreams anyway. With the help of friends and determination, the goose succeeds. The goose succeeds in proving Daddy Goose wrong and eventually Daddy Goose admits that the little goose has taught him an important lesson. The lesson that "you can be whatever you want to be if you set your mind to it" is an important one and I'm glad that Oh No Silly Goose has provided an entertaining method of discussing that with my child.

I highly recommend this book for parents or teachers.

If you visit OhNoSillyGoose.com you can also find the stuffed animals that go along with the book and eventually there is going to be an app that goes along with the book as well!

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