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Let's Learn About Krishna's Birthday: A Multicultural Book + Resources

Teach about not only Krishna's Birthday but also Indian culture in general + Get great resources from Culture Groove

Let's Celebrate Krishna's Birthday is book 12 of Maya & Neel's India Adventure Series. The book helps teach about Janmashtami, the celebration of Krishna's birthday. The has numerous features which make it a valuable multicultural resource.

Siblings, Maya and Neel, go visit their Auntie Leela in India to learn about the history and traditions of Janmashtami. When they arrive in Mathura, India, their Aunt teaches them about Krishna and the celebration of his birthday. She also gives them traditional clothes to wear. After celebrating and learning about the cultural traditions, they head to Mumbai and discover how the celebration differs there.

Aunt Leela provides more knowledge about Krishna by discussing the story of Krishna and Kaliya. Then the reader is given more information about how the celebrations differ around India. As a former social studies teacher, I found this book fascinating. I taught about world cultures and religions in my World History class. I think this would make a great addition to a world religion, world culture, or specific India unit. While the book is targeted for younger children, it would still be a great introduction for older students.

I appreciated the multitude of features the book had to aide in the reader's comprehension. For instance the opening pages of the book features a pronunciation guide and the first pages of the story depict a map of India. The book has a Q and A type review at the end as well.

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