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Miss Tree Tales Series: Fun books about Conservation

A Great New Series that makes discussing conservation fun!

Miss Tree Tales is a series by Deepa Remesh. The first two books are currently free to download for Kindle (at the time of the review). Remember the Kindle App is free to download! The purpose of the series is to help teach children the value of sustainable living. The series also serves to promote the conservation of natural resources. 

I just got finished reading Miss Tree Tales Book #1, Mighty Coconuts and I'm already wanting to read Book #2, Incredible Cacao. From the beginning of Mighty Coconuts, I recognized the key message of the book. As a teacher and homeschooler I recommend this as a great starting point to talk to your students or children about the topic of conservation and other earth science issues. 

In Mighty Coconuts we are introduced to  Mia, Nik, and Miss Tree. Mia and Nik are siblings who meet Miss Tree in the forest. Miss Tree explains the mission of the Plant Savers Club and their mission of "Protect, Sustain, Conserve". She has the siblings join the Club in their mission to collect information about plants in order to combat Mr. Greenhouse (Global warming). The siblings are given access to a variety of Seed tools and set off on their first mission - to learn about the Mighty Coconut. 

As a former junior high Science teacher, I believe this series is a great way to connect reading and Science. The book combines great facts and information with a plot that most students will find thrilling. Who wouldn't want to be given access to all kinds of fantastical tools such as a Seedcopter?!?

Stayed tuned for a review of Book #2 soon!

Both books are free* if you are a Kindle Unlimited Member. If you are not, try out a month free!

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