• Joy Hardin

Jingo in the Jungle and 2 other books with important messages about our Planet

Jingo in the Jungle is another book with a wonderful message of working to conservation and protecting our Earth from author, Serena Lane Ferrari. Jingo and his jungle friends are in danger! The danger unfortunately comes in the form of humans.

The book demonstrates how human action affects the animals of the planet and how detrimental deforestation and other human actions are to the species with which we share the Earth.

This is the third book from this author that my daughter and I have read. We enjoyed Saving Tally with its message of saving our oceans from plastic pollution. She especially liked The Hidden Spaceship with its creative message of the need for changes to preserve our planet and reverse the damage humanity has caused.

These books would make great additions to a number of units. I like how they serve as a cross curricular bridge between Science and English. They make great conversation starters and would lend themselves to great discussion in the home or classroom. As a former Science teacher and current homeschool mom, I really appreciate these books.

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