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I'm writing a book!

Since the fourth grade, I've always dreamed of writing a book.  I've dabbled with writing on and off, but I've never found a project that excited me - until now

This year my husband and I have taken our daughter to two major car races.  I've loved seeing her excitement. It has reignited my love of motorsports.  My love of motorsports, my desire to help girls understand they can be anything they want to be, and my recent experiences with homeschooling our preschool age daughter led to me dreaming up Team ABC Racing.  

Team ABC Racing is a series of books about racing, but it also has an educational component.  While reading the story, children and adults can learn about the ABC's of racing an work on letter recognition and letter sounds. There will also be lesson plans and units available to download. 

Annabelle's Big Dream is book #1.  Annabelle Cash wants to be the fastest girl in the world, but forgets the importance of teamwork.

At the moment there are at least two other Team ABC Racing books planned.

I am excited about this project because there are not many books that feature female racecar drivers. The book also has a good message and will hopefully help students who struggle with letter recognition. Finally it is a good opportunity for Dads who like racing to make a connection with their daughters.

I would love it if you check out my Kickstarter Project

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