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Healthy Kids Book Series

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

The Healthy Kids Book Series features Abby and Tommy. Jerome Jones uses his characters to help promote healthy choices such as eating well and exercising. The first two books in the series follow the siblings as they solve mysteries and the third discusses physical education.

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms is the second book featuring Abby and Tommy. Abby and Tommy are siblings who work together to solve mysteries. The book's mystery solving aspect is the first thing that caught my attention with this book. Mysteries are important to help teach reading comprehension and problem solving/critical thinking. The siblings work together in order to solve the mystery of the basketball teams missing uniforms. Abby and Tommy pledge to solve the case before the big game.

In the course of solving the case, Abby and Tommy demonstrate many good character traits. The siblings help depict independent thinking and responsibility. The book also incorporates the challenging topics of maintaining one's health through healthy meals, exercise, and preventive strategies such as wearing helmets while the children ride bikes.

As a teacher and home-school mom, I think this book can be incorporated into a variety of units and it doesn't hurt that the book also is a fun read. The illustrations helped us visualize the story and captured my daughter's attention. It serves the purpose of encouraging cooperation as well as allowing for the opportunity to tackle health issues. I also would recommend this book as an age appropriate way to introduce the mystery genre to young readers. I have not had the opportunity to read the preceding book, The Mystery of the Lost Recipe, but I'm adding it to my list now.

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Why We Love P.E. is the latest in the Healthy Kids series by Jerome Jones. The Healthy Kids series features siblings Abby and Tommy. In the first two books of the series they solved The Mystery of the Lost Recipe and the Mystery of the Lost Uniforms. In Why We Love P.E., Abby and Tommy talk about Physical Education (P.E.). They compare why they each like P.E. and in the course of their discussion give many good reasons that P.E. is beneficial.

Abby and Tommy discuss how P.E. is not only fun but how it is also an important part of being healthy.  They talk about the friendly competition aspect of P.E. as well as the different games that you can play in P.E. I love that the book includes lacrosse and golf. It gives parents/teachers/children the chance to learn about sports that aren't as common.

As with the other books in the series, Why I Love P.E. helps promote the importance of exercise and healthy food. I would recommend this book to teachers who want to introduce P.E. or for students who might be reluctant to participate in P.E. It also would be useful for parents who want to promote healthy choices.

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