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Gracie to the Rescue Review

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Gracie to the Rescue: The Life and Adventures of a Rescue Dog is an adorable book.

It was written by Katie Rynkiewich and Edgar Ramirez and illustrated by Gian Silva. Gracie to the Rescue is the story of Gracie, a happy little dog who unfortunately is given up for adoption when her family has a new baby. After being fostered, Gracie is finally adopted by a wonderful new family.

The book was a short, easy read which is great for children who don't like to sit for longer stories. The illustrations were so fun and my daughter loved looking at how Silva illustrated Gracie. They really add to the overall story. I also love the animal rescue message.

I love this story. It is a heartwarming tale of animal adoption. Not only is a great book to read with your children but it also a great reminder that there are so many animals who are not as fortunate.

At the time of this review Gracie to the Rescue was free to download via Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle, don't worry. You can download the Kindle App for free!

Gracie to the Rescue is also free to read using Kindle Unlimited. If you haven't tried Kindle Unlimited,I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. Currently you can try it out using one month free trial. There are an abundance of books in the program and you can "check out" up to 10 at a time! Great resource for homeschooling or just avid readers.

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