• Joy Hardin

Carrie Can't Choose a Costume

My third book has been released! It's the first in a series inspired by my daughter. Oh.... and on 9/30/19 you can get a copy for Free!

Carrie Can't Choose a Costume

Choosy Carrie needs help! She wants to win the Halloween costume contest, but she can't choose a costume!​

Follow Choosy Carrie as she tries to find the perfect costume to win the contest and have the perfect Halloween. What will she decide to be? Will she go with her favorite princess dress, a simple ghost costume, a football jersey, or something else?

Choosy Carrie books are inspired by the author’s five-year-old daughter, Carrie. Carrie is a very energetic girl who loves to attend sporting events, listen to music, play outside, and spend time with her family.Carrie has also been diagnosed with Autism, so sometimes, she can be very picky, very choosy. Follow Carrie as she explores the world of making choices.

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