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Arial the Good Witch: Unicorns, Halloween, Minecraft, and Problem Solving! OH MY!

Arial the Good Witch launches today! We are so ecited around here because we love Arial the Unicorn! Plus the ebook is free to download today! A spooky, but not too spooky story about problem solving is a great edition to any library!

Do you know of any #Minecrafters? Then, this might be the perfect addition to your collection of #Halloweenbooks!

There’s a cute #DIYcraft that goes along with the book, too!

In Arial the Good Witch, the wonderfully illustrated unicorns, Arial, Ailene, and Alex, are immersed in a minecraft inspired world. On this adventure they encounter three animals, a panda, a turtle, and a polar bear, as they are searching for a missing piece of Alex's Halloween costume. As the six adventurers make their way to Grandma's house they encounter all manner of Halloween monsters while Arial and the others have to use problem solving skills to avoid these creatures.

What I truly love about this book is the fact that it is not just a cute story (which it definitely is!) but that it also models problem solving and critical thinking. The kindle version even includes vocabulary words and an excellent lesson plan with a vocabulary activity, art activity, and writing activity. There are also a few great crafts that can be found on the website. This is perfect for a teacher, parent, or childcare provider who is looking for a well rounded Halloween activity that includes a great book to read.

We love Arial the Unicorn and the UnicornPreneur book series by Mary Nhin. In fact we were so excited to read the latest addition to the series, Arial the Good Witch, that my daughter had me read it via the Cloud Reader so we didn't have to wait to download it on my Kindle. To me that shows just how loveable this series has become! I look forward to reading many more Arial books with my family.

Visit http://www.marynhin.com/good-witch-diy-craft.html for more info on the craft

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