• Joy Hardin

A Raptor Ate My Homework Review

Carver has created a wonderful series with The Backpack Dinosaur. The first book, A Raptor Ate My Homework, captures readers attention from the beginning. As an adult I wanted to read more PLUS it kept the attention of my VERY active 5 year old. A lot of times we ended up reading past bedtime because we wanted to know what happened next. As a former English teacher, I know that students have to find books that hold their interest in order to want to read. Carver's A Raptor Ate My Homework definitely hits that target!

The fantastical aspect of this book (and series) are terrific for capturing a child's imagination. The dinosaur topic plus the idea of what would happen if you found a dinosaur egg is a great way to build on creative thinking and imagination. As a former teacher and current homeschool mom, my mind went wild with ways I could integrate science and language arts lessons with this amazing book.

The lessons, humor, and concept of this first book make me glad that this book is part of a series and not just a stand alone book. I can't wait to read the second book in this series, Camp Raptor. I also hope Carver continues with this series that I am sure will help reluctant readers find something to hold their interest.

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