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A Day in the Life of a Kid Series

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

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I was lucky enough to be introduced to the A Day in the Life of a Kid Series by Anetta Kotowicz and illustrated by Nina Ezhik. This series is targeted for preK-3rd graders. There are four books - one for each season. The best part is that all four seasons books are interactive!! Each book has original songs that help convey the idea of the book. The books also have support and resources for outdoor play, games, and crafts.

The books are beautifully illustrated and help the reader connect to the ideas surrounding each season. The depictions of the season make the reader want to go out into nature and enjoy the things the book mentions. The storyline and the author's style of writing draw the reader in and remind them how each season has its own magic. The Youtube connections with music and fun characters is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Autumn Song and the other books in the A Day in the Life of A Kid series would make terrific additions to any home or classroom library. As a former teacher, my mind goes wild with ways that the book could be used in the classroom. Music teachers can use it to introduce rhythm and music instructions. Language Teachers can use it to demonstrated onomatopoeia, repetition, rhythm, and other literacy devices/figurative language. Science teachers can use it to discuss plants, seasons, life cycle, etc.

Below is a screenshot from one of the videos connected with Autumn Song:

I found the interactive aspect to be very helpful when sharing it with my daughter. She is Autistic and has a short attention span, but loved the musical aspect and the videos that went along with Autumn Song. We will be reading Summer Song soon before Summer is officially over!

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